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What Pet Parents Said About Pawsome Pamper Kits...

Mrs. Beth M.

"We have a 1 year-old Husky who has a sensitive stomach as many of this breed share. These Pawsome Pamper treats calm her stomach down so well and she LOVES them."

Mrs. Dee J.

We have a lab/boxer mix and German Shepherd and they both went crazy. First the packaging is awesome from the box to the inside. The shipment arrived fast. My dogs get excited every time I get that bag of treats. They practically fight over it. I like that the product is also all natural. Thank Pawsome Pamper Kit.

Mrs. Katie R.

"My two pups LOVED their kit! The box was well-packed and arrived in excellent condition. The treats were delicious and the toy is a favorite of my pups! I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this awesome kit! Your dog will love you for it!"

Ms. Sue L.

"We Went to the Dallas Pet expo today and was amazed by the products and that it was created by a 12-year-old...just amazing! The Paw pad balm is outstanding and I am looking forward to using it on all my grooming Furbabies, I am a dog groomer and this will be a staple in my salon. The Paw Pad Balb Made my dogs pads soft. I will be order this again. I also bought the kit and let me say it is worth every penny! I will be spreading the word to all my clients!!"

Mrs. Cindy D.

"Murphy loves her pawsome pamper kit!!! She will run in the house and sit really pretty for a “Gabby cookie!” Good job girl! Making smiles one puppy at a time!!!!"

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